2015 Divine Red

  • Lodi, CA

  • A ripe, juicy red blend of four Rock Star grapes
  • Think you smell cinnamon and black pepper? So do we
  • New French oak adds a little sophistication – like slipping on a pair of Chanel reading glasses
Technical Info
  • Blend:
  • 56% Zinfandel, 24% Petite Sirah, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Alcohol: 13.6%
  • pH: 3.64
  • TA: 0.574g/100ml
  • RS: 0.99g/100ml

The Region

For our Divine Red, Marc works his magic with premium grapes grown in Lodi, an area blessed with a Mediterranean climate of warm days and cool nights, as well as a giant green fiberglass dinosaur. Built and sold by International Fiberglass, this graceful green lizard guards the Sinclair gas station, ready to photobomb all your pit stop selfies.

Serve It

A full-bodied red wine really needs to be served at room temperature, but there’s a huge difference between room temperature in Arizona and room temperature in Alaska. Red wines like our Divine Red are best at about 65º. Popping the bottle into the fridge for 10-15 minutes should do the trick.

Pair It

  • Smoky and spicy – BBQ ribs, hot wings, chipotle-spiked chili
  • Pulled pork in spicy tomato-based sauce
  • Pepper-crusted anything
  • Bourbon caramel
  • Chocolate hazelnut bacon… just try it

Mix It Up

Our Divine Red is friendly and approachable, but strong enough to hold its own with a wide range of flavors. Hot sauce-flavored popcorn? No problem. It also works well with pretty much anything you put a smoky barbecue sauce on. So, don’t be afraid to get crazy.