Wine Redivined - Our Story

From water comes wine.
From experience comes intuition.

The third eye on the Divining Rod label represents perception beyond ordinary sight… the sixth sense of intuition. Some skeptics refuse to believe, but we’ve seen it – firsthand.


You see, our founder Marc Mondavi has a rare and mysterious talent. He’s a water witch.

Using just his intuition and a pair of divining rods, Marc can sense underground water sources that are invisible to normal people. It’s a very handy skill in the thirsty vineyards of California. Marc’s divining has created over 100 new water sources for farmers and vineyard owners battling the current drought.


As a member of the Mondavi wine family, Marc knows the ins and outs of winemaking, but he also knows to follow his instinct. He says almost anyone can pick up a pair of divining rods and learn to find some form of water, but to pinpoint the deep, bountiful sources – the ones that can support a well for irrigating farms and vineyards – you’ve got to go with your gut.

It’s the same for wine. You can let the “experts” tell you which wines to choose, or you can trust your instinct and drink what you like.

Marc founded The Divining Rod wines to honor the ancient art of water divining, and the unique power of your own intuition.


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