How You Serve It Matters

Raise a New Glass

Break the glass ceiling and get inspired.

Try Divine Red in a brandy snifter, our Chardonnay in a highball glass, or maybe a shot of Divining Rod Cabernet as part of a flight. Buck the wine glass stereotypes and just do what feels right.

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Grab and Go

Divining Rod wines are made to pair with your favorite everyday foods. Pimp out that burrito with some avocado and chipotle sauce, or try these offbeat ideas with all our wines.

Grilled Cheese with Iron

“Sad” is Old English for “solid,” so a sad iron was the heaviest iron in the house – the one that people used for panini before George Foreman hit the scene.

Party Hub

Anyone can put food on a tray, but try unlocking your inner artist by repurposing vintage hubcaps as serving platters. Your local automotive junkyard has them. Clean them up first, then paint them or use as is.

Nuts for Nutella

Chocolate, chili powder, crispy bacon, and a slightly chilled bottle of Divine Red, it must be time for brunch…or dessert? Doesn’t really matter. Drink wine that tastes good with food that tastes good.